Saturday, July 31, 2010

Di pagi yg Sunyi.... back...huhuhu..macam da org nntikn plak..bosan gler rsa pagi nie...xleh nk tdo lak lovely imsonia came better i spent this night by posting a new post..actually a few minutes ago, i did read a a case in court's space of thestaronline..this case is quit i wnna share with u all la my followers tercinta...

this case is about jalan2 cari makan punya host, Maria Tunku Sabri...of course la u all knw right?...
actually she made a suit against a bussineesman to enforce an agreement under which he promised to pay RM5.5 mil for not initiating legal action against him for allegedly broke his promise to marry her.mean she sue under contract law in breach of contract....huhuhu
like a joke lak kn..something out of our reasonable mind kn??huhuhu..broke promise to marry bleh jdi suit..
mybe ada sbbnye..xpe bca smpi habis k klu nk thu pe court decision and facts yg laen...

however, High Court ruled that the contract was invalid because she was still married to another man at the time contract was being, she dont have capacity to make a contract on that the suit was in conflict with the law of shariah in the issue of betrothal as both parties were muslim...

"It held that the contract was in violation of Section 14(1) of Islamic Family Law Act (Federal Territories) and Section 24 (a) of the Contracts Act.
While Section 14 states that a married Muslim woman cannot enter into such a contract, Section 24 states that any contract which is immoral and against public policy is null and void."
below is the case's brief to make korg lbih fham...hahaha..mcm madam mazbah lak aku..(xnk lbih2 r,nnt mdm xdpt cari makn lak...haha..poyo gler...)
Maria Tunku Sabri vs Datuk Wan Johani Wan Husin
facts: baca sendrik la kt ats!!!!!!!! mmpus r nk kna gtaw suma...
(sori kna grang skit, nnt ank murid xtkut...mcm mdm mzbh mrah aku jgak la...)
procedural history: carik sendrik...
decision : judge dismissed the suit with RM 10 000 in costs
ratio decidendi : 
-she did not have capacity to enter into a contract as she was a married person with another man on that time...

P/s this was the third attempt from Maria Tunku Sabri after two tries before this the court struck out bcoz of it was entangled with the issue of betrothal as both were muslim and the contract was illegal and against public policy..
hope u all enjoy and get info from this post..gtg..bye!!!!!

mintk maaf ek posing skit bla dh mng case..nad sila jgn jeles k..klu ko da jenita..aku da mamat exist kt ats nie...hahaha

Monday, July 26, 2010


di saat rakan2 ku (afifi, awe, n kd) mengconductkn research utk lawsoc group ktorg, wan fitri hanya trlantar keseorgn di mahallah abc ter cinta..bukan kusengaja meninggalkn rkan2 ku ketigaan ke sana tnpa aku...(mcam org pntg lak) btul r..aku xsengaja ow..pgi2 td pkul 5.30 aku dah bgn dah, xsbr2 nk g rumah raudhatus sakinah gigi aku x mengizinkn..beliau yg menyakitkn aku smmpi trkluar air mata jantan ku...hahahaha...aku trpksa la btalkn trip aku..kang xpsl2 bergolek aku kt rumah tue..mmpus maluu aku..malu UIA jgak!! aku rsa kputusan last minute aku aku g jmpa doktor gigi..dgn hrapan nk sruh dia doc tue kta.."adik xleh cbut gigi lagi dek..klu skit xleh cbut coz ubt bius nnt xeffect"...sedih gler aku dgr ayt nie..aku dh la tgh skit gler..last2 dia buat decision utk buang palam aku..shinggalah skrg pkul 2.30ptg..aku dh kmbli gigi aku brlubg r..hahahaha..xtaw bpa lma leh brthan..huhuhuhu..

insyaallah everything come for reasons..mybe dis is my kifarah fr wht i have done...Allah is the One who knw evrythng..i juz can plan, but He makes the plan come true...
P/s ini adalh research kali ke2 yg aku trlpas slpas research prtma di Jabatan Perdana Menteri wktu frst sem..huhuhuhu

Sunday, July 18, 2010

GO.............. hapenned again..i try not to make it happened but it haunted me again...plezz keep ur distance frm me starting frm now..i have to forget my past..u did steal my spirit, strength, n my identity once ago...i started to keep silence n be alone for quite a long time....i had loss everything while u r happy wth wht u have....had fallen and gotten up by myself alone!! no one come and help, i am the new one..but then u came n seek for forgiveness.

yahhh.....i did forgived and apologised u too..but on the same time i cant accept until now wht had u done ok..even i already forgived..still cant erase the moment i had been cheated..thats really hurts me..the result was i cant believe people anymore..not my wish not to trust but automatically...after all this u still blaming im the one who fool u..enough ths not the right time to argue fr this fool a grow and  cool boy...have my own missions to accomplish....wan fitri is a strong person..never cry for this kind of the one who construct myself until  wht i am now..u dont have to interfere anymore....plezz..

p/s human is subject to weakness..even me..bcoz i am human, i did mistake...being cheated is one of other things tht i cant cooperate fully..i can forgive but i cant make it full..still have residue as,plez i am not posting ths to show that wan fitri poyo or wht...i hope those who now wht was happened take some points here..not to make argument bigger..

Monday, July 12, 2010

MenTAlly down

ya, even not totally, just me it so hard..the combination of lazy, frust and other influence matters make me hardly to fcus i realise i am now far away from my target.wth my previous two paper i thought i dont answer i juz got my result fr GPL2 qz..hmmm..adding my less than other..less others they will say "ala, wan ko rilek je, 0.4 je pown"..but fr me it really a matter ..0.4 did affect my result fr final..hmm...reveal one factor why dis happened bcoz of full of influenced frm my much praises frm my friends...thats the fctor frm the beginning of my study in CFS..i always wondering wht the difference btwn me n other?? i dont see any difference n i think my friends are better more than me..mybe the praise is all bout the their strategy..human will feel proud when they got some praises so started to think only him the best..yah, i will use tht as a principle...i should not get influence by any praises come frm any person as a reasonable person will get influenced according to a "reasonable man test"...hahahhaha(ntah pape, akademik skit la)...actually frm the beginning i didnt got influenced by it, but mybe sometimes i starting frm now, i should ignored it..that is their conspiracy..there is no person happy to look others succeed except fr the true+good friends..but im happy if my friends succeed even im not..bcoz they boost my spirit like they did now..yah, starting frm tmorrow lah(today cannot la gua ngantok)..i will start to be the real wan fitri..starting to avenge war!!!!!!!!!! pray fr my success...

p/s sory if this post make u feel like im showing, proud or other la..u can say actually bcoz u have ur own mouth+tongue+saliva..hahhaha..but ths post juz fr my self-reflection..mybe some of u who read will take  some lessons...who know??
lastly, going back to my hmetown dis thursday..goodbye pj for 4 days..thnx Uia fr giving our allowance!!!hahhaha..i love UIA(nilai)hahahahha..

Monday, July 5, 2010

wake up!!!!!

about 2 hours ago, i juz finished my public speaking fr BLM sbject..i rely dissapointed with my perfomance.....i should present better thn that..hmmm...i dunno what mark i will get..da only thing i know is im rely DISSAPOINTED.....yah, i know my way is now become more challenging this sem...should score above 3.5...
but until now i didnt found yet my study "spirit"....always slumbering ,playing game and online je...this friday would be my mid-sem exm..but not ready yet...fuhhhh, now feeling like life in pj is harder than nilai!! hahhaa..easily focus on my study at nilai rather than pj..arGGHHHH..

but whatever excuses, it is a human defend mechanism...always blame other..huhuhu..
in reality, it is my own fault..where ever i am, i should be flexible!!! wan fitri should adapt to any circumstances...

lastly, i beg to CFS IIUM.........plez give our allowance as soon as possible.....i wanna back home!! plez..........
i need outside environment..i need to calm my away from any building area..i wanna go to beach!!!!!!hahhahaha....(macam dorg dngar...)

to my family..i rely miss u all especially my mom and my father..
plez pray for UIA giving  its students allowance money as soon as possible so that  i can back home and meet u!!!!hahhaha(jeles gler tgk bdak2 kl blik rumah tiap2 mggu)

Friday, July 2, 2010


post kali nie, aku xtulis dlm BI..sori la menyimpang skit dri polisi blog aku..skali nie je...
hmmm....kat dunia ni, mg banyak ragam manusia...ada yg baik , bagus, senget , mengong, masuk air..hahhaha..n mcam2 lgi with environment in my new campus..first2 aku igt pertukaran budak law ke sini xla mnimbulkn sbrg prmasaalahan...aku pon agk gmbira la duk kt cni wlaupown aku slalu duk terperap kat blik yg trtinggi di alam pj nie(tp aku xksah)..sehinggalah aku trdengar rumours yg dtg xhenti2 kt tlinga aku nie..rsa mcm tercabar plak pusat hot tempered aku yg lokasi nya aku pown xtaw trletak kt mna dlm bdan aku nie..hahhaa
psal petition menghantar a.k.a menghalau budak2 "bercakap byk lg stylo" dri pnjara a.ka. zoo aku agak terkejut la..ditambah lagi dgn sokongn org kuat course tersebut...klu la aku perngai mcm dlu, nk sja aku hentak (xprsan kecik btol)...ksah apa that accrding to evil side la..yg sbgusnya n terbaiknya, prkara ini dibawa berbincang dlu...xboleh main serkap jarang je..jgn la terikut-ikut perngai israel tue yg suka bom sna bom sni..main tembak je xusul periksa dlu..nak ke jadi israel??? tawu takut..
(p/s)sori this not an assault k..xpsal2 aku lak yg kna civil charge trespass to the person under assault jap g..(ayat akademik skit..)...
semalam aku sempat la mngumpul maklmt (stelah skian lama aku xjdi perisik)...aku discover da smething yg yg mnimbulkn rsa xpuas hati dorg.

  • dikhabarkn budak2 law membawa budaya nilai ke pj
      komen: budaya nilai apakah yg dimaksudkn..kami kat nilai pon still beragama islam.. kalau pon 'kami'   benar2 bwa budaya kuning dri nilai, di mnakah title DIVIDED WE WILL FALL UNITED WE STAND..tunjukknlah kmi yg benar, nasihatlah kami..apa gunannya title bro n sis in islam?? kalau betul kami ni jahat..perlukah kami di tunjuk jalan keluar ke nilai??tindakan menghntar pulg ke nilai is questionable mcm nilai tue tempat longgokan penjahat?? kami msih terkawal n boleh dikwal.

  • bersosial antara bro n sis
      komen: yup, mg ada di kalangan bdak law yg date, tp bdak law sje?? sblum bertapaknya bdak laws kt sni, adkh pj clean dri dating??? bak kata karam singh walia "gajah di depan mata di dunno kan, semut di sberang di highlightkn".....

ckup la sesi menjawab aku, aggap sja post aku nie sbgai tmpt aku luahkn prasaan..xprlu di perbesarkn..tapi mcam mna sekalipon aku sedar, kita ken sedar kita sorg manusia..xprnah lari dari kesilapan..everything dtg dr manusia mmpunyai kcnderungan melakukn kesilpan....sebab tue jgaklah human made-law pown slalu berubah-ubah(tiba2 je)...hahahaha..

p/s kalaulah petition te diluluskn, anda telah mnyushkn byk pihak terutamanya frst year..anda lgsung xmemikirkn tntg bajet parents dorg yg dah byk spent duit utk msuk uia...(bg yg kurg berkemampuan)
klu anda ggal berfikir sedemikian, anda adlh zalim..tidak mletakkn sesuatu pda temptnya..berfikirlah wahai sahabat
kalau anda bijak bestari, pndai menilai sesuatu barang, nilailah post ini sebagai satu jawapan keada kritikan anda..tidak kisah boleh diterima dek akal atau tidak..tapi ingat manusia insan yg lemah sentiasa berfikir mngikut hawa jadiknlah pndapt org lain sebagai teman..tgakkan syura a.k.a kalau ada permasaalahan...