Monday, July 12, 2010

MenTAlly down

ya, even not totally, just me it so hard..the combination of lazy, frust and other influence matters make me hardly to fcus i realise i am now far away from my target.wth my previous two paper i thought i dont answer i juz got my result fr GPL2 qz..hmmm..adding my less than other..less others they will say "ala, wan ko rilek je, 0.4 je pown"..but fr me it really a matter ..0.4 did affect my result fr final..hmm...reveal one factor why dis happened bcoz of full of influenced frm my much praises frm my friends...thats the fctor frm the beginning of my study in CFS..i always wondering wht the difference btwn me n other?? i dont see any difference n i think my friends are better more than me..mybe the praise is all bout the their strategy..human will feel proud when they got some praises so started to think only him the best..yah, i will use tht as a principle...i should not get influence by any praises come frm any person as a reasonable person will get influenced according to a "reasonable man test"...hahahhaha(ntah pape, akademik skit la)...actually frm the beginning i didnt got influenced by it, but mybe sometimes i starting frm now, i should ignored it..that is their conspiracy..there is no person happy to look others succeed except fr the true+good friends..but im happy if my friends succeed even im not..bcoz they boost my spirit like they did now..yah, starting frm tmorrow lah(today cannot la gua ngantok)..i will start to be the real wan fitri..starting to avenge war!!!!!!!!!! pray fr my success...

p/s sory if this post make u feel like im showing, proud or other la..u can say actually bcoz u have ur own mouth+tongue+saliva..hahhaha..but ths post juz fr my self-reflection..mybe some of u who read will take  some lessons...who know??
lastly, going back to my hmetown dis thursday..goodbye pj for 4 days..thnx Uia fr giving our allowance!!!hahhaha..i love UIA(nilai)hahahahha..

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  1. hahaha okay ini kelaka. 0.4 ape ni weh? bukan over 25 ke? kau dpt bape? hehehe.