Sunday, July 18, 2010

GO.............. hapenned again..i try not to make it happened but it haunted me again...plezz keep ur distance frm me starting frm now..i have to forget my past..u did steal my spirit, strength, n my identity once ago...i started to keep silence n be alone for quite a long time....i had loss everything while u r happy wth wht u have....had fallen and gotten up by myself alone!! no one come and help, i am the new one..but then u came n seek for forgiveness.

yahhh.....i did forgived and apologised u too..but on the same time i cant accept until now wht had u done ok..even i already forgived..still cant erase the moment i had been cheated..thats really hurts me..the result was i cant believe people anymore..not my wish not to trust but automatically...after all this u still blaming im the one who fool u..enough ths not the right time to argue fr this fool a grow and  cool boy...have my own missions to accomplish....wan fitri is a strong person..never cry for this kind of the one who construct myself until  wht i am now..u dont have to interfere anymore....plezz..

p/s human is subject to weakness..even me..bcoz i am human, i did mistake...being cheated is one of other things tht i cant cooperate fully..i can forgive but i cant make it full..still have residue as,plez i am not posting ths to show that wan fitri poyo or wht...i hope those who now wht was happened take some points here..not to make argument bigger..

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