Friday, October 1, 2010



the only word i can express out from my lonely heart for this while...
after all, my friends and i (graduating students) juz finish our 1 and a half years at CFS...and the most succed thing is able to get independence from CFS PJ!!!!!!! hhhaha...

to make a story, while i went to mahallah office Abu Bakar, after returned key and checked out, the officer  said

" u are now not cfs Pj student anymore, so u cannot freely enter this area anymore like before..."
hearing those words i only can smile and laugh...LOL..

why i smiled and laughed?

was it because i free from this so-called-prison?..was it because i am not foundation's student anymore?
hahaha...the answer is not because of THOSE...i am and was happy where i am and was.because without this places (PJ & Nilai)..there would be no colours in my life..those place was the beginning of my life in university.

human's life must be guided by law. human need law to look after their desire. humans need law to make they understand the world. law is everything..without law human are nothing..human cannot prosper and succeed. but law that too rigid makes human suffering( this part i would agree the most)....lets we think together are we able to go through the experience in CFS?
 Mybe enjoy the memories there.....thanks my friends for every advice, money, knowledge and everything that you spend, taught and gave to me...i hope i will not frgot those and wish to repay back.

P/S thanks to all my friends and meet all of u in gombak!!! lets reconstruct ourselves for LLB and LLBS!!!