Monday, February 21, 2011


two words to decribe myself

                                " I LOST"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

study for what?

yesterday evening, i went out wth my three friends, ali, paan...guess wht guys? we passed thrgh a big house besides an embassy house (arab saudi if im not mistaken), we found out that there are so many sport cars in the compund....arghhh!!! i was tensed up by that...we were guessing how rich is that person....huhu...not one sport car he has but many if im not mistaken 3 or 4 that we can barely saw from a narrowed-fence-space....instead of those sport cars, he also has others cars which i think as usual car la for him...for me mybe still an expensive car which unaffordable for me to have one...for now la.for the next 10 years dont know la...hope i can be la like him...but then i suddenly thinking...wht is my purpose of study? is for sake of my future so that i can earn a lot of money and live easily with my own money and family or because i am being appointed as a muslim and for the sake perform my duties to him??? honestly, the latter is not always in my box of thinking. i rarely thinking about my objective spiritually...nauzubillah...i write in this way not becoz im pious but for my self reflection purpose...BUT BECAUSE OF MY CONDUCT, I WOULD NOT THINKING AS SUCH.....

however, materially speaking that man give me a hope and challenge me to be like him impliedly...hahaha..but if im to be like him i will not spend my money to that way..i will spend that for my travelling plan...travelling physically, mentally and spiritually. hahahaha..then i remembered my joke with my friends in the car after passed through fr the second time..." kalau aku jadi dia kan aku, aku xbeli r keta sport byk2, baik aku kumpul pompuan, xpun isteri..buat collection mcm tue..hahaha"...."yela tue, tp even ko spend money kt pompuan xbyk mcm ko spend beli keta tue ko taw x" the moral of the story?? for me, sometime mney make u frgt who are u n where u came from...n exposed u to a matter of world usually...then for other values, think it by urselves....

"philisopher show a way for u to think always but not the answer to the questions raised"