Saturday, October 10, 2009

kiNg of Torts

wht Is mean by Torts..frm my smple readng n wht i stll rmmber until is one of civil is not crmnal wrngs..but its meaning dffclt to identify..da one who commtd torts is rgarded as tortfeasor...n da vctim can get cmpensate frm tort action whch we call as my nxt sem syllabus i wll learn bout dis..juz dis wht i rmmber frm my slght readng lst nght..but it sound like intrstg...additonally, wht mke me attrctd more, i found one book rlted to torts titled `KING OF TORTS'...story about life of a lower status lawyer who hd gven a chlnggng task to hndle a criminla case tht leads to him facing wth a lot of situation n evnt took place..actlly i juz read about 10 i juz slghlty knw about da story..mybe aftr i fnsh dat book..i try to mke smmry..(waitin fr da nxt chlnggng sem learning law sbject)...............

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

salam....juz 3 dayz free frm exm n all dat stuff... dat the ending of my frst sem...feeling lke juz lst mnth i strt stdy..huhu..well evrythg in frst sem stdy at uia in law course gave mngfull a lot of exprnce n it chnge almost my entre life..mybe there's a lot of imprvmnt but thres a lot of mstkes too i hve far away frm trget whn i thnk back...lets dat being my scrt n try to crrct it bck by myslf..
another thng cme in my mind,xpclly my rsult fr final exm..evrythg ok wth my exm..juz one pper wrried me..i dunno y..evrythg i hve done 2 mke im rely prepre wth dis pper..huhuu..but mybe lst mnute study be the barrier..huhuhu...i hpe i will get 4 flat fr dat..but it seem like blur whn i thk bck...juz one pper i rely worried...dats all i thnk..