Thursday, September 13, 2012

the game is on

alhamdulillah im starting back my degree study after 3 months. 3 months holidays was spent well in my thinking n now the new semester is  back..even the study mood is still off but it should be forced to on now.

the class is working like normal but what is not normal the sudden changing environment in my life in uni. it just like something i plan to do but not crossing in my mind it will happened. i hope this will be a great experience n im really looking forward to see the result. i can imagine the people will be so shocked with this new thing but i dont know how much the degree of shockness they will have.

i kept reminded myself that this new thing is not a small matters but will become the talk of peoples. big responsiblities is coming on even its not fully on my shoulders. background is the main asset for the front.

how can i survive with this? lets their experience teach me how to do it. im only at the back n ready to serve with my little knowledges n experience. i myself feel so dwarf when become part of the circle.

    " the fire was lighted, the heat is getting hot n we need the cooler"