Tuesday, October 6, 2009

salam....juz 3 dayz free frm exm n all dat stuff... dat the ending of my frst sem...feeling lke juz lst mnth i strt stdy..huhu..well evrythg in frst sem stdy at uia in law course gave mngfull exprnce....got a lot of exprnce n it chnge almost my entre life..mybe there's a lot of imprvmnt but thres a lot of mstkes too i hve done..im far away frm trget whn i thnk back...lets dat being my scrt n try to crrct it bck by myslf..
another thng cme in my mind,xpclly my rsult fr final exm..evrythg ok wth my exm..juz one pper wrried me..i dunno y..evrythg i hve done 2 mke im rely prepre wth dis pper..huhuu..but mybe lst mnute study be the barrier..huhuhu...i hpe i will get 4 flat fr dat..but it seem like blur whn i thk bck...juz one pper i rely worried...dats all i thnk..

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