Monday, July 5, 2010

wake up!!!!!

about 2 hours ago, i juz finished my public speaking fr BLM sbject..i rely dissapointed with my perfomance.....i should present better thn that..hmmm...i dunno what mark i will get..da only thing i know is im rely DISSAPOINTED.....yah, i know my way is now become more challenging this sem...should score above 3.5...
but until now i didnt found yet my study "spirit"....always slumbering ,playing game and online je...this friday would be my mid-sem exm..but not ready yet...fuhhhh, now feeling like life in pj is harder than nilai!! hahhaa..easily focus on my study at nilai rather than pj..arGGHHHH..

but whatever excuses, it is a human defend mechanism...always blame other..huhuhu..
in reality, it is my own fault..where ever i am, i should be flexible!!! wan fitri should adapt to any circumstances...

lastly, i beg to CFS IIUM.........plez give our allowance as soon as possible.....i wanna back home!! plez..........
i need outside environment..i need to calm my away from any building area..i wanna go to beach!!!!!!hahhahaha....(macam dorg dngar...)

to my family..i rely miss u all especially my mom and my father..
plez pray for UIA giving  its students allowance money as soon as possible so that  i can back home and meet u!!!!hahhaha(jeles gler tgk bdak2 kl blik rumah tiap2 mggu)

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  1. haa.., bapak hang hntaq mesej kat aku td, suruh hg tinggai lapt0p kat bilik aku, pasai dia kata hang xstudy..!ish2, ksian pak hang.. haa.., mai letak kat sini lekaih.. aku xpa la maen game p0n, lmbat g nak exam!! hahaha~