Saturday, July 31, 2010

Di pagi yg Sunyi.... back...huhuhu..macam da org nntikn plak..bosan gler rsa pagi nie...xleh nk tdo lak lovely imsonia came better i spent this night by posting a new post..actually a few minutes ago, i did read a a case in court's space of thestaronline..this case is quit i wnna share with u all la my followers tercinta...

this case is about jalan2 cari makan punya host, Maria Tunku Sabri...of course la u all knw right?...
actually she made a suit against a bussineesman to enforce an agreement under which he promised to pay RM5.5 mil for not initiating legal action against him for allegedly broke his promise to marry her.mean she sue under contract law in breach of contract....huhuhu
like a joke lak kn..something out of our reasonable mind kn??huhuhu..broke promise to marry bleh jdi suit..
mybe ada sbbnye..xpe bca smpi habis k klu nk thu pe court decision and facts yg laen...

however, High Court ruled that the contract was invalid because she was still married to another man at the time contract was being, she dont have capacity to make a contract on that the suit was in conflict with the law of shariah in the issue of betrothal as both parties were muslim...

"It held that the contract was in violation of Section 14(1) of Islamic Family Law Act (Federal Territories) and Section 24 (a) of the Contracts Act.
While Section 14 states that a married Muslim woman cannot enter into such a contract, Section 24 states that any contract which is immoral and against public policy is null and void."
below is the case's brief to make korg lbih fham...hahaha..mcm madam mazbah lak aku..(xnk lbih2 r,nnt mdm xdpt cari makn lak...haha..poyo gler...)
Maria Tunku Sabri vs Datuk Wan Johani Wan Husin
facts: baca sendrik la kt ats!!!!!!!! mmpus r nk kna gtaw suma...
(sori kna grang skit, nnt ank murid xtkut...mcm mdm mzbh mrah aku jgak la...)
procedural history: carik sendrik...
decision : judge dismissed the suit with RM 10 000 in costs
ratio decidendi : 
-she did not have capacity to enter into a contract as she was a married person with another man on that time...

P/s this was the third attempt from Maria Tunku Sabri after two tries before this the court struck out bcoz of it was entangled with the issue of betrothal as both were muslim and the contract was illegal and against public policy..
hope u all enjoy and get info from this post..gtg..bye!!!!!

mintk maaf ek posing skit bla dh mng case..nad sila jgn jeles k..klu ko da jenita..aku da mamat exist kt ats nie...hahaha


  1. jap. aku nak comment pasal case ni dulu. aku rasa maria ni bwat malu sendiri je nak saman pakcik tu. mcm membuka pekung di dada. betol ke ni peribahasa aku. lantak pi lah.

    dan seterusnya. kauuu. perasan je lebih. hahaha lawyer sape ni tibe tibe mng. hahaha bajet gilaa. aku tak jeles punnnn.

  2. anda mmg perasan pom . sekian berita dari bilik 414

  3. hhhahahha...aku dh taw korg akn aku dh tulis siap2 kt bwh pic "sila jgn jeles"hahahhaa

  4. eh kau edit eh entry ni? apesal ada mamat exists pulak? hahahahahaha booo lah wehh. dah lapokkk. Jenita aku steady je g segi hari hari tuntut ilmu! hahaha.