Friday, June 25, 2010


"mencari ilmu itu ibarat  memburu binatang di hutan, menulis itu ibarat tali yang mengikat erat binatang memburu tersebut"

Alhmdullillah, i just finished jumaat prayer b4 i wrote this post....words above was what i can catch up and save in my brain's hard disk and it really sound great fr me..."knowledge need to be hunter and tie up"..of course we need to search for knowledge, knowledge did not crawl come to us...knowledge is everything in the respect of our life in this world and here to search knwldge? of course frm is simple question..(tok aku pon taw jwab)....of course it easy to answer but how to changed it to conduct, the difficult part?? yah, thats what i experienced now..mentang2 la skrg ni aku duk pj plus cntct hour soploh jam ja, hardly to study..anyway, i will strt study hard after world cup la..thats my promise..hahhaha..insyaallah.. not easy to concentrate on study while my friends ask me join them watching world cup match..i cant fight that world cup wholly i didnt miss my study and my classes la except for gpl2 class ..i came late bout one hour!!! fortunately la madam didnt get mad..i think i stop until here idea to talk much..

anyway, my strength and spirit now alhamdulillah stabled back..i should not done 'that' anymore no matter how strong my feeling to that person...mybe this is also a knowldge for me..hahahha..just take it.thats all..bye!!

"knowledge is everything, everything is knowledge"

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