Tuesday, June 29, 2010


got less than 1 week to prepare for my 2 law subjects (GPL2 & LAWSOC) exam....actually im a bit tension with my progress dis sem currently..huhuhuhu...yesterday, i just got back my BLM assgmnet..argghh..my friends and i were quite surprise to see we got another B!!!! this time minus B!! everyone looked frustrated..while another group got A.why we got B?????..........the difference i found was that group didnt watch world cup while us did watch!!!hahaha....
 for Lawsoc subject, i dont really i understand what had been taught by mrs puteri aka princess..arghhh..i dont know whether it is my own fault dont understand her or otherwise..hmmm...but in reality, my friends and i are blaming HER!!!...hmm, i thnk that was not good pointing at others when u didnt get something..thats an evil..what i saw on her, she try her best to make us understand..but our behaviour in class become barrier...so it is all my own fault..for GPL2 its ok until now..i managed to follow the lesson even quit slow..plus my concentration is all on the world cup match..while me had been pulled by world cup evil, mid sem exam attack me!!!!!!!!!!!!...argghh..now it is the matter of my study n my hobby..i have to choose btwn them..as reasonable person would choose study so i also prefer to study..hahhaha..i have to stick back on my trget this sem..should not lie my parent..they hope me to study well and pay full attention to my course..

i dont know whether it is a good new or bad, mrs princess would not be teaching us anymore starting next week..mdm Humaiyah is going to replace her..i heard some rumours from my friends there are something prob happened in law dept..whtever it is, whoever my lecturers, it is similar for me..as long i want to study, i will study, regardless my environment..as there one verse in Aq sounded : "everything is from wish(niat)"


  1. strive f0r success!! chaiy0k2.. (fuhh.. kawan yg btanggungjawab gila aku ni..)

  2. hahaha..
    2la sape suh masuk blm group mdm fara?
    ssh nak dpr markah weyh...

    mdm humaiyah?
    haha.. she's kind.. but trust me..
    dia ckp laju!!!

  3. paan: hg mg kwan yg brtggungjwb melingkupkan aku!!!hahaha

    syiqah: ahaha, aku pown xtaw la..tension gak r ngn mdm tue..tp xpala..cobaan..hahhaha

  4. kalau tak kita sama klas blm la..
    but then, mmg aku berusaha keras utk masuk group lain.
    hahaha..selamat...... =)

    apapun, sabar weyh!!!!!