Friday, December 17, 2010

proud to be malaysian!!!!!!!!

hye...long time i didnt post im back!!
i now in gombak! the place where i used to dream in before...
the place where every CFS student want to step in....n now the dream has come truth...huhu

fuhh, we were lucky bcoz taaruf only for 3 days..but it was very bored...ran there and here..speech here and there..
n this week the classes has begin...but i already miss one class! hahaha...
all bcoz MALAYSIA tercinta!! haha..
i went to bukit jalil stadium watched malaysia played against vietnam..interstng game as MAS played very well..
to nadrah..jgn jeles k..ko dah la nyris2 nk jdi pnyebab aku x g stdium..mndai2 je ko kte tket dah abis ek...
ko mg dngki ngn aku..hahaha....
thats all la nxt time plak aku post...


  1. Weh berita tv3 yg ckp ticket hbs dijual after 2 hours dorang bukak counter. Aku mana tau berita tipu. Hahaha. And sorry sket, i tiada masa nk jealous okayyy. Kalau chelsea tu laen cerita lah derr. Haha.

  2. ko kena tipu! byk g tket time ktorg pgi tue..hhaha..ko mg xproud team sndrik..kau proudkn team org len btpe...hahaha