Thursday, December 30, 2010

blue young tiger roared!!!

congratulation malaysia! thank you malaysia team! malaysia boleh! thank you rajagobal! they did it!

thousand of thnk you for malaysian football team as they bring AFF suzuki cup back to malaysia for the first time since the tournament has been introduced. as malaysian, i cant denied that im happy. this is what we called "young people rule the succes of the nation." 

expicitly and implicitly, they, the young tiger shows that the maxim of "teenagers today is the future leader" is right. even it is in the sport arena but look how important the young people.with the full of spirit even they failed at first try but they managed to prove that they did it. 

However, unprofessionalism appeared in this tournament dissatisfied everybody. i have been in both game played by malaysian team in stadium bukit jalil and i did saw what happend there. honestly telling, both malaysian fans and indonesians fans are same. the unprofessionalism attitude and behaviour happened among both of thm. they acted like child even most of them are the father's of their daughter and son. whatever happened indonesian fans are far more worst than malaysian! hahaha....

i proud to be malaysian....n hpefully, this success will continue.............


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  1. amboi amboi...proudnya dia.. haha.. malaysia boleh! *thumbsup*