Thursday, April 28, 2011

MEDIA, mediA or media???

alhamdulillah the writer back to "imarah" this blog.....for writer it is not an easy job to update blog..
tonight writer hope will be the turning point to make this blog shining with some constructive and updated views about what recently occurred. 
near to one month, writer's mind is not fill with the updated and sensational issues...busied with final exams last 2 weeks maybe one of the reason. the second reason MAYBE writer is too bored with today NEWSPAPERS......
So, in this post writer is going to share some facts ( can be true / can be fake) and express some views after making some readings on articles and blogs.....
firstly, MEDIA...the channel where the public get the information about the current position of person, nations or business...the source where most of persons put their trust so much. the poor, the middle and the rich all rely on the same media as their bank of information. however, on the part of the media's handler are they release the true fact or information to the public? that is the problem that we are facing now..
yesss.... we know that the media is controlled by the one who control the federal power..of course that is the norm of the world. who in power would handle everything on their hand. but they would not get the power without the public support..BEAR THAT IN MIND...when i write like this u all may think im on the other side..NO, IM in the middle...think like a refree in a match...what i concerned here is the public interest. when the media is controlled by them, most of the news publish are praising and showing their good deeds to the public only. they publish what they think will not tarnished their image...n also they defame and accuse their enemy through the channel on the same time.what a shame and dirty tactic for me. they on the fortunate side becoz most of the malaysian citizens can easily access to the channel. compared to their enemies, the latter is having some difficulties in accessing the newspaper written by the latter becoz it is not printed as many as the former. and also some of it may not written in paper and only can be accessed via internet. what an unfair situation! See, how much minds of peoples they can easily catch and insert their own fake vaccines? im not posting this if the easily-access-media is telling the truth.see again, what has been condemned by Tun Dr Mahathir about media. he stated that media should be honest to the public even it is bitter to tell the truth. and AGAIN u know what this kind of article or quote(this mahathir's statement) is not posted or published in Malaysian No 1, 2, 3, 4 n etc  but only in HARAKAH( im too dare to tell it hahaha)...what a shame right...u only choose somethng to share with the public to protect ur right but u hidden the facts where the public has the right.

* tp kan we should not always blame the first media bcoz sometime they are also tell the truth kn3x?? ape, contoh? contohnye mcam stu saluran tue siarkan video lucah dalam tv..terbaik kn?? why not they have a slot at night utk siaran mcm tue jgak ek..bru la john terry, ahmad sifu and mybe minah tonggek xtido malam kn??hahaha

n one more thing, about the sex scandal......ini lagi stu kes yang mg aku sendrik dah fed up nk bca n dgr news about it..until la 8.15 pm last night when i watched buletin utama...i did realised this issue is getting hot! hot n spicy gitu..haha..i like cpat2 la sya buat kajian dengan membaca artikel2 berpatutan..n dah fham la skit2 situation dia...just to share with u all...Tmrrw after jumaat prayer we will have ANGKAT SUMPAH event held by DATUK angkat sumpah di rja kn..If England is hot with the wedding of their Putera William n Kate....malaysia pon da gak bnda yg hot..esok plak tue..lagi cepat..haahha..ok2xx...ckup2 la joke kn..

im now wearing a legal practitioner's spectacles k....haha
DONT MIXED UP SYARIAH LAW N CIVIL LAW.....even though dah mg mixed dah pon...
my concern is to those who dont understand well which one is civil law and which is islamic law..
that is the problm...when they dont understand, they tend to express extremely something which is not true....
first, sumpah is one of the way to defend oneself from the alleged accuse on him. however, in islam before sumpah is given, the accuser must brought first 4 witnesses to prove the alleged accuse on the accused. then, after that only in the absence of anything that can defend the accused , he can use the defence of SUMPAH...itu secara basic....nak detail find out sendrik ek....tpskrg kita gna civil law ke syariah law ek?? in this matter maybe jtuh kn dalm jursdiction of syariah court kn? btol la sbb dia kn accusing someone committing adultery...under shariah la tue...

 In our own syariah law (after having some amendment according to our own nation / state styles), we have our own stated by majlis peguam2 syarie in those who accuse someone must bring the proof to the from here shows that the accuser bear the burden to prove beyond reasonable doubt.( section 73 akta keterangan mahkamah syariah WP).....n also stated in the same section the accused also must give some explanation to the alleged accuse....generally, both person must give explanation about the problem in court! not in mosque or other why not they go to the court?? are they trying to show they are following shariah?? good if so..but why not they practice wholly and correctly in their life the shariah? 

p/s  Di dalam prinsip keterangan Islam sumpah sebenarnya terletak kepada pihak yang kena dakwa dan bukannya orang yang mendakwa selari dengan prinsip Islam iaitu ”Keterangan pada pihak yang mendakwa dan sumpah kepada pihak yang mengingkarinya.” (harakah-majlis peguam-peguam syarie)

* the thing i discussed above may not all true..some mistakes will be...bcoz im just LLB first year n first sem student....


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