Sunday, August 15, 2010


dont know what to write actually..but then after i read today NST's newspaper, i got something to tell u guys..

"BABY HATCH is a murder case under section 302 of the PENAL CODE"

sound interesting!! this situation, those who abandons their baby are going to be prosecuted under murder..huhu..i did agreed with this way partly..for the period of 3 days, mean starting from the day i back to my hometown on thursday until yesterday, if im not mistaken 4 cases of baby hatch was reported in the media..the new one was at Kota Damansara, found at riverbank in sling bag..But the most tragic one is at Perak if im not mistaken, the baby was being dumped at 'lubang najis'...eeee..can u imagine that?? 

P/S This cases happened during 4 days of Holy Ramadhan...think it.....


  1. semoga kita dijauhkan dengan perkara seperti ini .

  2. manusia zaman sekarang... entah apa-apa... hope kita smua ok!!! x buat benda2 yg gila ni.. errr... teringat KARINGERI.. org taiwan mkn janin!! euwww

  3. hurmmm...
    during my lgl debate i would like to chose diz xjd..nvm la..

    but,based on my opinion..
    i quite disagree bout diz..y??
    cuz,its hard to prove dat sum1 is guilty..
    even if dat person mengaku ponnn,kte still kne dptkn bkti yg dye mmg
    if da parents sntenced to death,
    who's gonna look afta those bby dat survive??
    its better hntr them ke pst pemulihan je..kn2??

    lg 1...bkn kew sect 302 will be abolish???but still under discussion kn..