Sunday, December 27, 2009


mngenang nsib sjak smggu yg lalu
mg agk mnydihkn klu hnya dlhat pda sblh pndangan
tp stiap prstiwa prlu dlhat pda hikmah dan pnglaman...
sdih hati pasti trubat stu hri nnti..

"Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bears"

issue: whther my ibadah is valid??
whther there is acceptnce in my ibadah??

principle/rules: every act of a muslim regarded as ibadah as long as it ddnt go out of the syariah boundaries...
application : Just Allah knw Better whther my ibadah is accpted..He is the One who accept n reject muslim Ibadah

conclusion: because Allah is the one who accept or reject my ibadah...i just can extend n perform as many ibadah i my ibadah status whther it is accepted?valid or not..its depend on Allah The Almighty...


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